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As an accomplished Inspirational Writer who recently opened an Etsy Shop, I am finally realizing my Elusive Dream Come True…And, I am so excited to be here! (Read all "About Page" it:

WriteWordByRosaLinda boasts the Personalized, KEEPSAKE GIFT-GREETING –a beautifully written verse on a ribbon-wrapped parchment scroll, tucked inside a jewelry box adorned with a uniquely designed Box-Sleeve/Gift Tag. All my work is Hand-Crafted, Heart-Inspired; and, created completely by me with plenty of TLC.

SPECIAL GIFT MESSAGE w/Unique HandCrafted Gifttag Keepsake GiftGreeting 2001 "Angel You" Parchment Scroll; Heartfelt Sentiment by RosaLinda

What brought you to Etsy?
I CAME TO ETSY TO BE WITH KINDRED SPIRITS. Continually amazed at, and in awe of, the home-spun talent of Etsy Shop Owners, I feel an 'At Home Comfort' knowing my creativity is among such artistry. To be my own boss with an affordable, mega-accessible storefront with easy navigation & shop tools, are high incentives that invite me to stay.

UNIQUE SISTER GIFT Paper Scroll Keepsake Gift Greeting 2013 "Sister I Love Best" Personalized Parchment. Lovingly Expressed by RosaLinda.

What inspires you?
INSPIRATION MAY BE FOUND IN A MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN VIEW or in a single blade of grass. I see it everywhere. However, it's not so much what I see – but what I feel. Being empathetic helps me relate to every reader through the words I write. The depth of my compassion for others coupled with my innate creativity, are the very foundation for WriteWords By RosaLinda.

LOVE SENTIMENT Scroll Gift Paper Parchment Message, Personalized Keepsake GiftGreeting 2006 "Sometimes-Always"Heartfelt Verse by RosaLinda.

What is your favorite item from your shop?
I LIKE TO SAY THAT I AM RATHER PARTIAL TO IMPARTIALITY. As a sister to three (3) brothers, a mother to two (2) sons, and a MeMa to two (2) grandsons, I've learned not to play favorites! I love all my work equally (as you might suspect).

ROMANTIC LOVE POEM Message Scroll Keepsake GiftGreeting 2022 "Sunrise Love" Personalized, Poetic and Heartfelt Hot! Valentine by RosaLinda

THANK YOU for the opportunity to share WriteWords By RosaLinda and the Personalized Keepsake GiftGreeting. It is the perfect gift for All the Write Occasions…When you care enough to say just the WriteWords!

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