Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One Big Sale Day 2014 - 100 Etsy shops participating!

The final list is here! This year over 100 Etsy shops are participating in this ONE DAY SALE, so mark your calendars and head over to their shops (list below)


1 Seadbeady 20% for all purchases above 10 euro
2 BelkaHouses 20% off for purchases above USD $45
3 Kotona 30% for purchases over USD$30
4 Sorocashop 20% on purchases over USD $20
5 HannaMariCreates 20% on orders over $25.
6 RockaBeautyBoutique 30% off all orders
7 BarcelonsBoutique 25% OFF anything in my store
8 WhatnotGems 20% of for purchases above USD$45
9 AlcazarDesigns 20% off on purchases over 15 euro
10 ANTIGOs 30% off for all purchases 
11 HGWjewelrydesigns 20% for purchases over $45.00.
12 TheFirewriter 30% off any order
13 TrueEarthDesigns  20% off 
14 Zentranced 20% off orders over $15
15 WriteWordByRosaLinda 20% discount on purchases $30
16 SayingsGalore 30% off all purchases $25
17 Merrysewingnfabric  20% OFF on any orders
18 Toodleedoo 20% off orders $20 USD or more
19 TobisiasLilThings  20% off orders £3
20 AraliyaAccessories  20% off items over $10 USD.
21 TheEpistolaryNucleus  20% two or more items
22 LeFuret 25% discount on purchases over $25
23 AkasaKreations 20%off orders USD $20
24 RaglanRoadDesigns 20% off all orders
25 FosterLeathercraft 25% off on any order of $25 USD
26 redbeardesign  20% off orders £14
27 SunAlsoSets 20% off of purchases over $40
28 LivingWaterGallery 20% off any order $20 USD
29 Kreativhaekelshop  20% off orders € 20
30 NicoleBarrosArt 20% off all orders
31 TimeEnoughAtLast 20% off ALL orders
32 MandasMittens 20% off all orders of $40
33 FunandBaubles  25% off of $25 minimum order
34 KitKatCabaret 20% of for min purchase is $30.00
35 WonderfulWreathsKim 20% off everything
36 EsthersEssentials13 25% off any purchase over USD $45.
37 Hempiez  20% off of all hemp bracelets
38 ZoilaBelleCreations 20% on purchases over USD $40
39 MoiraMackenzieDesign 30% off all order of $15 or more
40 SvitlanaGurinaArt 20% off all orders
41 Newjewelryboutique 20% off on orders over $20.00
42 SKOPrints 20% off all purchases $10.00 USD
43 OpheliasJewels 20% off purchases of $40 
44 Amaradorn 20% off all orders
45 joyeuxPerformance 20% off purchase
46 alsoljewels 20% on purchases over Euro 24,00
47 KristisKloset 20% off any purchase of $20 (USD) 
48 DownwithPlumes 20% off of $20 USD or more
49 CharmingByNikki 30% off $30 or more
50 BabyGrayBoutique 20% off orders of $20 or more
51 ArtandAroma  25% off on any order
52 CoolGiraffe 20% off orders over $20USD
53 ChainAndAbel 20% off all orders over $20 USD
54 RedressAndRedone  25% off on any order 
55 RetroFuse 25% off of any purchase of $45 USD
56 VintageMagpieNest 20% off everything over $20 Canadian
57 Saraphir  20% off everything.
58 UniquesewingBoutique 20% off on orders over $20.00
59 YoMoEssentials 20% off.
60 HLBhomedesigns  25% off min purchase $40
61 AngelaMillarSoulArt  20% off with no min purchase
62 PreschiatoDesign 20% off of order over €25.
63 DynamicDaisyJewelry 20% off orders over $25
64 BlueWorldTreasures 25% off all sales over $25.00 USD.
65 Windychimes  20% off for purchases above USD $45
66 BabyJaneLimited  25% off orders over $20.00 US
67 Europetastetic 20 % OFF for minimum purchace of US$ 45.
68 FancySchmancyJewels  20% off $20 or more 
69 LisaRoseCrafts 20% discount on orders over £20
70 galerieTAO  20% on all items over $50 
71 ArtandAroma   25% off on any order
72 Crystals1LittleShop  30% off of orders over CAD$25
73 whispermoonshop  20% off everything above $30.
74 Naryajewelry  20% off all orders
75 RainbowLilyDesigns  20% off orders $30 and over!
76 elpatiovintage  20% on orders over $25
77 leathermeisteruk 20% off
78 KilnKarma 20% of orders above USD$25
79 NanasHiddenTreasures 20% on orders over 10.00 US dollars
80 LifeWorxStudio 30% Off with a minimum purchase of $2.00
81 TanyaDeLeeuwPhoto 20% off purchases over $20 CAD
82 ColorsoftheSeasons 20% off all items with free shipping over $25.00.
83 DivaVitaDesigns  20% off everything in the shop
84 dearmonday 25% off shop wide
85  FiveStitchSeven 20% off all orders
86 SerenaRiveraDesigns  20% on orders over USD$20
87 LolaBelleGems  20% off orders of 50.00 USD or more
88 laceandtwig  30% orders over $100.00
89 LaTerraCanta  25% on orders over USD$45
90 InkyInvite 20% off with code OBSD4OCT2014
91 TheGhostCreek 40% off purchases above USD $20
92 WeildHairAccessories 20% off orders over $25USD
93 shopNerdtastic  20% off orders over USD$20
94 shopkreativestudios 20% off $20USD
95 ABITRETRO 20% off $20 or more
96 LodgeDecorNMore  20% on orders over $25.00
97 BrightSpotDecor  20% off any order of 45.00 USD
98 HappinessBits  20% on orders over £10
99 indieodyssey  20% off any purchase of $20 
100 JBtenFour 20% off everything
101 Sorocashop 20% on purchases over USD $20
102 anluz 20% off entire shop 
103 NorthGrove 20% on any purchase 
104 PSadorn 20% on orders over $40 USD
105 ConniesWoodshop 20% off everything in the shop
106 maggiesjewelry 20% on orders over $30
107 TheArtisanLoft 20% off all orders
108 KrissysKnitDesigns 20% off
109 dieselboutique 20% off $50 or more
110 SweetPistolRose 20% off total purchase
111 BeeBeeandJack 25% off orders of $25 or more
112 Somethingsofter 25% off $30 minimum purchase
113 DDZOfficial 20% Off orders $40 USD
114 IntellexualDesign 20% off any custom shoe order over $100
115 PrettyByPam 20% off entire purchase
116 LovelyBeadz 25% off any order of $25 or more
117 CrazySisterDesign 20% off orders $20 USD
118 MysticMyrtle 25% off $30 minimum purchase
119 JanesTinyThings 25% off everything
120 JustbyJaime 20% off all orders of $10
121 GeekThread 20% off all orders over USD $20
122 MyBookArt  20% off items $20 or more
123 NataDesigns 20% off all items
124 Drindy 20% off all items

Akasa Kreations - Beaded and Macrame Jewelry Original Artwork and Poetry

I'm Aria Vaillancourt from Akasa Kreations. I craft for not only a living, but a hobby, my soul's contentment, my life fulfillment. I study metaphysics and philosophy; anything to do with the human condition, spiritually, and thought-process sparks my curiosity!

Astral - Handmade Filigree Mandala Beaded Necklace - 26.7 Inches - Throat Chakra Color Therapy - Meditation Expression Truth - Blue Yellow

What brought you to Etsy?
My mom actually brought me to Etsy because she had opened her own store 7 years ago. I was feeling frustrated that my art wasn't making the progress I wanted, so she inspired me to start my own Etsy shop and sell! =)

Denim - Patterned Fabric Bangle Bracelet Set - Fashion Wrist Candy - 6.0in - Set of 3 - Blue Gold White Cream Green

What inspires you?
I guess I already addressed this in my intro =P Human beings inspire me, with all our complexity, creativity, faults, transformations. The human condition is a fascinating subject.

Fire- Small Red Phoenix Firebird Seed Bead Earrings - Handmade Beadwork Beaded Drop Jewelry Sterling Silver - Red Gold Orange

Do you have any big plans for your shop?
My big plans for my shop: to one day open up a store front. I want my shop overall to be a metaphysical supply shop, where I can sell crystals, herbal mixes, artwork, jewelry and the like!!

Brass Wire Pendant Jasper Shield Crystal Healing Spiritual Protection Warrior Earth Grounding

Find Akasa Kreations on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AkasaKreations
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/akasakreations/
Google +: plus.google.com/u/0/107088059329238276788/posts

Monday, 29 September 2014

ForKeepz - Personalized Portfolios to organize children's artwork.

Hello from the ForKeepz Shop. Forkeepz was started by two parents who cherish their children's art and have designed a bright, stylish and colorful storage solution. In our Etsy shop, we offer personal portfolios designed to conserve and protect children's artwork. These are individually customized with your child's name. The portfolios are attractive acid-free and archival-safe product with plastic sleeves to keep the work protected and easy to view. Each folio presents itself as a book you can shelve or display. Available in two sizes 13"x 9" and 9"x12". Order a portfolio for the start of the school year and slip your children's art or school work in the pages through out the year. Great teacher's gift too!

Leaves Design  9"x12" Personalized Portfolio to organize kids art and paperwork

What brought you to Etsy?
We designed and made Forkeepz portfolios for ourselves because we were looking for a stylish solution to enjoy and share our children's creations. Stuffing our kids papers into plastic bins just wasn't working for us. We had friends and relatives with Etsy shops and decided to share our solution with others.

Showcase Design 9"x12" Personalized Portfolio to organize kids art and paperwork

What is your favorite item from your shop?
We love the size of our 13" x 19" portfolio, for storing large construction paper, and are particularly sentimental about bigger, multi-media works. Personalized portfolios help us to organize our children's art, and storing the work in this manner offers the opportunity to look back on our child's physical and mental development; invoking wonderful memories. Showcase design has been our most popular seller because it's bold and has a youthful appeal.

Leaves Design 13"x19" Personalized Portfolio to organize kids art and paperwork

Do you have any big plans for your shop?
Forkeepz are constantly trying to improve our photographic impact. Our Portfolios are translucent with slightly bumpy surfaces, making them difficult to photograph. We hope to improve the quality of image so our customers really understand the elegance of the portfolios, while capturing the color of the personalized labels. Our products make unique and personal gifts for grandparents and teachers. We are working on more designs. 

Script Design 13"x19" Personalized Portfolio to organize kids art and paperwork

Come see us on social media:

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/forkeepzhq
Facebook: www.facebook.com/forkeepzhq
Instagram: www.instagram.com/forkeepzhq
Website: www.forkeepz.com

Sunday, 28 September 2014

HannaMari Creates - Handmade Statement Creations

We are two sisters that decided to express our African culture in accessories and home decor. The idea started out as we were making gifts for friends that were coming from all over the world to attend a huge convention in New jersey. It was amazing. we loved doing it and loved that the friends appreciated it so much. We then decided to start out just selling bracelets online via Etsy to see how it would go. Came up with a lot of names and just realized that this work is ours, we should include our names... That is when HannaMari Creates came about (June 30, 2014). 

Wholesale African print fabric bangles - Orange Love - Afro-chic - Afro centric - Afro bangle

What brought you to Etsy?
We love Etsy because it is a platform for us to express our creativity and give us the opportunity to share it with others. We get so excited when we see someone favorting our shop because it helps us know that we are doign something right that catches attention!

Ankara african hair clip- Mother / daughter - red bow tie

What inspires you? 
Abstract art inspires us and to use the prints of our fabric to create things for everyday use is exciting to us. We talk all the time about things that people can use or wear to show off their creative side as well. It really is a fun thing for us. We cruise Etsy to see who can inspire us the most and are amazed at the wonderful things that we see.

What is your favorite item from your shop? 
Our most favorite item is our Fab Candy jewelry set (hair bow clip, bangle & earrings)

Accessory Set - Earrings, Bow & Bangle - Ankara print - African print bangle - Fashion accessories set

Something about it catches our eye all the time! We made this for a buyer and she absolutely loved it. This gave us the confidence to try different variations of our fabric and see what interests people the most. The colors are very vibrant and captivating. Fabulous and sweet like candy :-).

What has been your best experience on Etsy?
The best experience we had was when a buyer was inquiring of a wholesale order. We felt so honored (especially since we are so new to Etsy) to have someone ask us. It means they want to share with others what we want everyone to discover. We see it as them helping us get our inspirations out there.

Fabric stud button earrings - Green and Yellow Ankara print - medium size

Do you have any big plans for your shop?
We definitely do. We hope to participate in expos in the near future. Right now, we are just enjoying the ride :-). Slowly but surely, we will get there!!

Find HannaMariCreates on Twitter:

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Crystal's Little Shop - Handmade Trinkets & Things

Hi Everyone!

My name is Crystal and I’m the owner and creator of Crystal's Little Shop of Handcrafted Trinkets & Things. I sell an assortment of handcrafted jewelry and accessories, as well as dream catchers. All of the items listed in my shop have been personally handmade, found, altered, and, or embellished by me. All of my creations are reflections of my personality.

I am currently a stay at home Mom to my handsome and sassy little boy Silas, who does a good job of keeping me on my toes all day. It’s in my down time, usually at night while my little guy sleeps, that I get the chance to bring my ideas to life. I’ve been creative since I was a child and have always lived by the mindset, “If you can’t find it, make it yourself!”

Caged Bead Pendant - Black Wire Pendant - Semi Precious Stone - Cracked Agate - Wire Wrapped - Spooky Jewelry - Halloween - Gothic Style
What inspires you?
Anything and Everything inspires me! Colour, music, media, people, nature, life……inspiration is all around us, all day long. In the end, making people feel great is what inspires me most.

Agate Stone Ring - Brass Ring - Adjustable Ring - Cocktail Ring - Statement Jewelry - Gyspy Soul

What is your favorite item from your shop?
My favourite piece in the shop is the Blue and Green Crystal Wrap Bracelet that I created. I’m a big fan of rustic pieces and am obsessed with anything in turquoise or aqua blue. It reminds me of summer days on the water. Nostalgia, now that’s the Pisces in me shining through. ;)

Crystal Wrap Bracelet - Blue - Green - Leather Bracelet - Bohemian Style - Crystal Jewelry

Do you have any big plans for your shop?
I would absolutely love to have a table at a Christmas Craft Fair. It’s my favourite time of year, and would be a great excuse to create some amazing ornaments! The magic of the season always inspires me with tons of festive ideas. If I started listing them all, we’d be here for years!

Friday, 26 September 2014



As an accomplished Inspirational Writer who recently opened an Etsy Shop, I am finally realizing my Elusive Dream Come True…And, I am so excited to be here! (Read all "About Page" it: www.etsy.com/shop/WriteWordByRosaLinda/about)

WriteWordByRosaLinda boasts the Personalized, KEEPSAKE GIFT-GREETING –a beautifully written verse on a ribbon-wrapped parchment scroll, tucked inside a jewelry box adorned with a uniquely designed Box-Sleeve/Gift Tag. All my work is Hand-Crafted, Heart-Inspired; and, created completely by me with plenty of TLC.

SPECIAL GIFT MESSAGE w/Unique HandCrafted Gifttag Keepsake GiftGreeting 2001 "Angel You" Parchment Scroll; Heartfelt Sentiment by RosaLinda

What brought you to Etsy?
I CAME TO ETSY TO BE WITH KINDRED SPIRITS. Continually amazed at, and in awe of, the home-spun talent of Etsy Shop Owners, I feel an 'At Home Comfort' knowing my creativity is among such artistry. To be my own boss with an affordable, mega-accessible storefront with easy navigation & shop tools, are high incentives that invite me to stay.

UNIQUE SISTER GIFT Paper Scroll Keepsake Gift Greeting 2013 "Sister I Love Best" Personalized Parchment. Lovingly Expressed by RosaLinda.

What inspires you?
INSPIRATION MAY BE FOUND IN A MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN VIEW or in a single blade of grass. I see it everywhere. However, it's not so much what I see – but what I feel. Being empathetic helps me relate to every reader through the words I write. The depth of my compassion for others coupled with my innate creativity, are the very foundation for WriteWords By RosaLinda.

LOVE SENTIMENT Scroll Gift Paper Parchment Message, Personalized Keepsake GiftGreeting 2006 "Sometimes-Always"Heartfelt Verse by RosaLinda.

What is your favorite item from your shop?
I LIKE TO SAY THAT I AM RATHER PARTIAL TO IMPARTIALITY. As a sister to three (3) brothers, a mother to two (2) sons, and a MeMa to two (2) grandsons, I've learned not to play favorites! I love all my work equally (as you might suspect).

ROMANTIC LOVE POEM Message Scroll Keepsake GiftGreeting 2022 "Sunrise Love" Personalized, Poetic and Heartfelt Hot! Valentine by RosaLinda

THANK YOU for the opportunity to share WriteWords By RosaLinda and the Personalized Keepsake GiftGreeting. It is the perfect gift for All the Write Occasions…When you care enough to say just the WriteWords!

Connect with WriteWordByRosaLinda on social media:

BLOG: writewordsbyrosalinda.weebly.com/blog-gift-greeting-gabber

FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com/WriteWordsByRosaLinda

LINKED IN: www.linkedin.com/pub/rosalinda-buchner-graziano/28/182/b19/

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/WWbyRL

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Woodland Warmth Curated by GhostCreek

Woodland Warmth - One Big Sale Day Shops - October 4th

Curated by GhostCreek

A sampling of shops participating in One Big Sale Day on October 4th, 2014. For one day only, over 500 shops will be 20% - 40% off! For more information, check out the OBSD team page : https://www.etsy.com/teams/21025/one-big-sale-day
Geometric Fox with Antlers Watercolour 5x7 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Print
2015 New year burlap banner, photo prop, burlap bunting, holiday banner, holiday decoration, handmade banner, handmade sign,
Wooden Serving Tray , Deer in the forest, Vintage look, Wooden tray ,Serving tray ,Wood  tray, Green, Brown, Tea tray, Tray with handles
Winter Boot Cuffs,ivory brown Short Heart Knit Boot Cuffs. Love Heart Short Leg Warmers. Crochet heart Boot Cuffs. Legwear ivory brown
Rose Hip Moisturizing Face Oil. A nourishing facial serum good for all skin types.
Hand felted round wool trivet, maroon, medium size for teapot, soup bowl, great mum's day gift
secretary dress / sleeveless dress / blue polka dot dress / japanese dress
EVOLVE bracelet (brown and gold)
Barn wood coat rack, Howling Coyote and Moon lodge home decor,reclaimed wood coat rack
Grassy field and blue pond - nature photography - water, fall grasses, tree reflections, fine art photography - Land and Water
Decorative Monkey Fist Knot
Kentucky derby hat, Mother of a bride accessories, Autumn color silk flower, Boho wedding hair accessories, Terracotta and purple fascinator
Bohemia Straw Bag, Straw Clutch Purse, Woven Clutch, Summer Purse, Woven Purse, Zig Zag Coin Purse, Day Clutch Bag with Silver Hardware
Raku pendant, jewelry, handmade pendant, handmade jewel,, handicraft, handmade jewelry, italian made, orange,
Hair bow on  metal clip for children / teenager / adult  cream turquoise aqua cotton / bowtie
February Visit, Doves Strand

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