Sunday, 19 April 2015

Etsy Shop Feature - One Big Sale Day Member CartoCreative

This months featured member is CartoCreative,

1) In brief tell us about your latest products.

We recently introduced a new line of multicolor maps.
So far we only have nine multicolor maps on Etsy, but are working at creating more and getting them online.

2) What is the inspiration behind these items?

We decided to make these multicolor maps because we wanted something more colorful and playful that no one else offers and that have a purpose. The different colors represent neighbourhoods and district in .

3) What other new items are in the plans for the near future?

We are always working on new ideas and expanding our product selection. Currently, we are working on creating completely new lines of products that we don't already have and fulfilling requests for maps of places we don't yet offer.

4) Will you be participating in any up-coming exhibition or markets?

Stephen is jampacked with solo exhibitions for his artwork this summer, which means a lot of travelling and creating, which is awesome, but doesn't leave much time to participate in markets for the spring and summer season. I am hoping to squeeze in the Etsy Made in Canada event this September, last year's event was amazing. We also purchased a storefront this year which we are working on renovating and hope to open at the end of this year or next year.

And our social media sites are:


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Write Etsy Descriptions in 5 Easy Steps, including Titles and Tags (Part 3)

From Part 2: Here

Step 4: Creating your key-phrase rich first paragraph

Next copy all your tags and paste it into your description box. You will get a jumble of phrases. Carefully and without breaking up the exact phrase from the tags, string them into sentences. Always begin with the most important key-phrase. Below are the 13 tags I have. 

Here are my tags - 
Hand printed fabric, rust red pattern, toilet paper holder, toilet organizer, tie up toilet roll, extra toilet roll, natural cotton, toilet roll holder, bathroom storage, bathroom organizer, spare toilet roll, cotton fabric sling, gift for mom
Here is what I wrote -

This is a  toilet paper holder or toilet roll holder made of hand printed fabric with rust red pattern. It makes a handy cotton fabric sling to tie up toilet rollextra toilet roll or spare toilet roll . Made and lined with natural cotton it is an excellent toilet organizerbathroom organizer or bathroom storage. It will also make a great gift for mom.
I did manage to get all the 13 keywords into my paragraph. Sometimes it becomes hard when there are too many key-phrases that means the same thing. You could go back and tweak some of your tags so that there are not too many similar ones, but if you do that remember to tweak your titles too.

Step 5 : Completing the rest of your description

Now the last step is to complete the rest of your description! Remember you have sections made up in Step: 1? All you have to do now is fill in the rest of your sections. Once you got your first description all written out, use the 'copy' function when creating a new listing. This way you will have the format ready for you when you start working on your next listing.

However, because some of your items might be very different from each other, some parts of your format will have a different function or contain different information. To avoid accidentally removing some of these sections, always have a back up or a sketch of your original format kept safe somewhere.

And you are set to go!

Here is a recap on all the 5 steps -
Part 1 (HERE)
Step 1: Cut it up to smaller sections

Part 2 (HERE)
Step 2: Fill in your titles with key-phrases
Step 3: Create your tags by copying and pasting your title into the tag box

and Part 3 is in this post
Step 4: Creating your key-phrase rich first paragraph
Step 5 : Completing the rest of your description

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Write Etsy Descriptions in 5 Easy Steps, including Titles and Tags (Part 2)

From Part 1 - (Here)

Step 2: Fill in your titles with key-phrases 

Yes! Gone were the days when fancy spaced out titles could get you sales. With the high competition and number of listings on Etsy, being found is of paramount importance! So, first fill in your title with as much key-phrases as possible but in a way that makes sense when read by humans. Always start your title with the key-phrases you want to be found when someone searches it.

So here is an example of an item I sold previously -

Here is what I wrote for the title -
Extra toilet roll holder Hand printed fabric natural cotton fabric rust red pattern toilet paper holder toilet organizer tie up toilet roll
(importance placed on the first 3 words)
I've left out the commas too, so that I could maximise the number of letters and pack it full of keywords since I want this item to come up on first page of search. But since we are not discussing SEO in this article, go ahead and make it sound better whilst still incorporating as many key-phrases as you can.

Step 3: Create your tags by copying and pasting your title into the tag box

Next step is to create your tags. Copy your entire title and paste it into the tag box. Read through and then separate it with commas where necessary. Some phrases will be longer than 20 characters and they won' be converted to tags. Example - 

You can break up those phrases that were not converted to 2 or more tags. Example - 'Natural cotton fabric' could be converted to i) natural cotton  ii) cotton fabric iii) natural fabric

Continue breaking up those larger phrases until you have all 13 tags. If you can make more, always give priority to those which are more relevant or makes most sense.

Part 3 - (HERE)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Write Etsy Descriptions in 5 Easy Steps, including Titles and Tags (Part 1)

Writing descriptions for your Etsy listing could be a very time consuming task, especially if you experiencing 'writer's block' while doing it. When I started running my Etsy shop I realised that this might be the most time consuming task, next to actually making my items!

After spending some many hours thinking and researching how I could simplify this task I came up with a 'system' that helps to get my descriptions down quick and get my items listed in a short-time.

And I will be sharing this with you here, step-by-step.

A good description should help your shop achieve 3 main things - 
1) Provides your customer with important and necessary information 
2) Help your item to be found in searches by improving SEO - within Etsy and on Google
3) Provides internal links within your shop

Step 1: Cut it up to smaller sections

Let's start of by creating a 'format' that will be the main guide for all your description's main body, by breaking up the chunk into smaller sections and tackling each section. By having 'sections' in your description you can choose sections to be unique for each item or repeated among similar items. It also helps make sure no important information is left out.

Here is an example of mine -

Section 1 - This paragraph gives the description of the item, although it might read a little weird but it could be understood. This is because this paragraph is a key-phrase rich paragraph. Key-phrases are phrases that someone might be searching for.

Section 2 - Any other interesting info selling point of your item but might not contain key-phrases that you want your item to be searched for. It is separated from the above section so that the first paragraph is not too heavy. Some of my item description has Section 2 and some don't.

Section 3 - This part is for dimensions which could be in a sentence or point form.

Section 4 - Care or proper storage instructions, every product should have care instructions even if you are selling supplies.

Section 5 - Some information or feature of the making process or packaging that is similar with some or all of the items Eg: 'My items are made with toxic-free water based glues' or 'All items are wrapped with reused packaging unless new packaging is requested'. If it is a great selling point or note-of-caution then it is good to repeat it on every listing (if it is the same) and also in your policies.

Section 6 - Links to other similar items in your shop. This helps you customers to find the matching piece or items that could be gifted together.

Things to note about the 'Sections'
1) Choose what sections are important and relevant to your items

2) Place them in any position best for your item, accept Section 1 which should always be on top DO NOT have sale announcements or short sentences on the first paragraph as it could affect your SEO

3) Add other sections that are relevant to your items, eg: for Art and Photos - what was your inspiration, your motivation to create this piece, also same goes for purchases that are motivated by emotions. But do not confuse this with key-phrases and do not place this in first paragraph, unless it is your key-phrase paragraph (explained in later steps)

Now that you have sections, you could easily identify some of these sections that will be repeated with all your items. With Etsy's copy function for creating listings, you can easily follow the format of the listings before. But I recommend that you keep a copy in your note book, just in case.

Here is Part 2 -

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#20daysuntilspring2015 March Challenge Winners!

In March we started the month with a count down challenge to spring - #20daysuntilspring2015 read more HERE.

The entries saw many awesome photos that gave us a peak into our members life and behind the scenes photos of their everyday lives. It included workspace areas, photos of their pets, photos of themselves in 'action' on a workday and what spring meant to them.

3 members were able to complete all 20 days - Bravo!

They are -
Cartocreative -

Titika Shop -

Crystals Little Shop -

Here are the instagram accounts of the other members who participated -

RockaBeautyBoutique -
The Vintage Magpie -
Oatsbags -

Congratulations everyone!