Thursday, 31 July 2014

Touch of Green Curated by Snow

Touch of Green

Curated by Snow

Enjoy! :)
Green geometric pattern hand printed triangular zip pouch, hexagon triangle, natural cotton fabric, cosmetic pouch, make-up bag gift for her
Rustic blue linen and twig inspirational quote boutonniere, boutineer for wedding, Boho, rustic, shabby chic, woodland wedding
Spring sale 20% off- Green and gold geometric hoop earrings, hoop earrings, glassbeads earrings,gift under 25, wedding earrings
Personilized birch bark journal with coptic binding, handmade  birch bark hardcover notebook ,handbound  birch journal with 240 blank pages
Freshwater Pearl Boho Wrap Bracelet, Ivory, Opal Mint Green, Romantic, Boho Luxe, Made to Order
Polka Dot Pale Green Bow Tie / cotton bow tie / mens bow tie / green bow tie / polka dot green bow tie / apple green bow tie
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Door Hanger, Summer Door Sign, Ice Cream Cone Decoration, Mint Green
Reduced price -- Huge Double Dreamcatcher: White with pale green tones
Beautiful Vintage Feel Gold-tone Enamel Mint Green Flower Ring,Size 7.5///K5
Dandilion White and Green Clock Vinyl Record Recycled
Green Soap Dish, Ceramic Soap Dish, Ceramic Dish, Ceramics and Pottery, Handmade Dish, Leaf Shape
Green Striped Scottie Mini Throw Pillow
Pale Green and White Multi-Purpose Bowl.  Perfect Size for Ice Cream Treat.  Great for Cereal.  Stoneware.
Ocean Seaspray - Aqua Color Soap Blue Green Soap Phthalate Free Vegan Soap - Ocean Sea Fragrance

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

AskaMarmot Designs - Small wooden animals & Boxes

AskAMarmot Designs on Etsy is an almost inevitable outlet for an introvert who can’t stop making things. I have been a fan and steady customer of Etsy since I first learned of it in 2008, and have always hoped to have a shop. Recently the opportunity arrived (I’m now officially a corporate drop-out!) and finally have time to think up projects, make things, and learn new techniques, which is a cycle that has been going on since I was a kid. AskAMarmot Designs sells small (and I mean small—smallest fits on my fingernail) wooden animals, related natural display elements, and boxes that can store the small critters and other natural finds. The creations are more art than toy—but a little of both.

Wooden leaf box hiding two banana slugs --  box made of cherry w/ side-swing top hiding two tiny/miniature slugs

What inspires you?
The small things and surprises all around—the natural world, urban wildlife, funny incidents, dogs, ladybugs on leaves—that kind of thing. Because I make things that make me happy, I hope my creations will delight others. Life is hard, and anything we can do or say or make that helps someone along is worthwhile. 

Goose and 6 Goslings Walking  --    handmade, tiny wood (birch) Waldorf animals  / mini totems / sometimes called ducks and ducklings!

What is your favorite item from your shop?
I’m always attached to my latest, which today is “goats in a tree.” A few months ago, someone sent me a link to a very funny video ( - 16 goats in a tree. My friends pointed out that goats in a tree naturally fits the AskAMarmot shop, so I made it, with tiny goats that fit into the dimensional wood tree. My runner-up favorite is the box with two slugs…. As I said, I love the unexpected, and want to offer that to others. Plus these are both just funny.

Miniature Animals-Goats in Trees--No, Really. Moroccan goats climb argan trees to graze. Made of wood--tiny goats fit in small argan tree

What has been your best experience on Etsy?
The kindness of the Etsy community. Although I “opened” my shop in 2010, I just started putting things in it over the past few weeks, and have been so grateful for the generosity of the community. It’s a way for anyone in the world to have their creations in a gallery of sorts, which is wonderful for creatives everywhere. I love the things I find on Etsy, and hope to give that same experience to others who visit my shop.

Two Kiwis in a Tin - 2 small animals hand-cut from Baltic birch wood, in tiny tin. Miniature animals for play, display, and good cheer!

Connect with AskAMarmot Designs outside of Etsy:

Monday, 28 July 2014

YoMo Essentials - Clean . Pure . Natural

My name is Shoshana, Creator of YoMo Essentials. I am a proud Mother of 2 and Doggy Mom to 2 pomeranians. I am a Fitness Instructor, Lover of the Outdoors, Nature and Healthy Eating!

CALM Yoga Mat Freshener   Freshen your Mat and your Mind! Made with Organic, All Natural Ingredients

During my quest to find natural alternatives to keep my furry kids happy and healthy, YoMo Essentials was born! Each product is formulated with organic natural sources from the earth. My journey continued to evolve with the creation of a line of products for people as well. My goal is to provide the purest products to enhance the lives of people and their pets, while caring for Mother Earth.

BUG ME NOT All Natural Insect Repellent For Human and Canine Use

What brought you to Etsy?

I opened my shop on Etsy because I had heard about someone who was selling on Etsy. I did shop browsing and loved what I saw.

RELAX AND RENEW Organic Aromatherapy and Massage Blend

What inspires you?

I am inspired by Nature – animals, plants, the elements. I am inspired by people who have persevered through huge obstacles and continue to have a smile on their face.

DOGGY DIVINE Rover Relief Spray for Itching, Odors and Anxiety

What is your favorite item in your shop?

My favorite item in my shop is NO MORE SLYMEES Pet Bowl Cleaner – my inspiration for creating YoMo Essentials! If you have a pet – I feel this product is a Must Have!

NO MORE SLYMEES Pet Bowl Cleaner Eliminates Slymee residue on pet's food and water bowls.

Connect with YoMo Essentials on Social Media :

Friday, 25 July 2014

10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Shop - Etsy Tips and Advice

Struggling to get traffic to your shop seems to be a growing problem on Etsy. I see it everywhere! The Etsy forums and teams are riddled with members wondering why their views or sales are low and they want to know how to drive traffic back to their shops.

So here I am with 10 ways to drive traffic to your Etsy shop! Shall we begin?!

1. Work on Your Titles and Tags 

Getting your listings to show up higher in Etsy searches will almost always increase your views. How do you do this? Work on your titles and tags!

To learn some basics on how your titles and tags work together to determine where your items fall in search, then you should check out the following articles:

Would you like to see a detailed tutorial on how to optimize your titles and tags to show up higher in Etsy search? Let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to add it to the line up!

2. Shop Photography

Having quality shop photography is very important when your trying to sell your work online. A photo that shows off your work well is more likely to get customers to click into your listings and it gives them a better understanding of exactly what you are selling. You also increase your chances of being featured in Etsy treasuries and on blogs if you have professional stylistic photos that complement your brand.

In August the One Big Sale Day team will be doing a Photography workshop! If you would like help with your photos you should check out the weekly threads on the team! We will also be posting weekly articles on the blog that will cover the topics we discussed throughout the week :) Check out the first thread in the series here:

3. List more items...

Every product you have listed on Etsy is one more chance for someone to click into your shop. With more items in your shop you will show up more frequently in search results. Build up your product line as much as you can so that there is more of your shop on the web for potential customers to find!

Rainbow Lotus Geometric Zen Doodle Pendant Necklace- Rainbow Color Jewelry Festival Wear Modern Design Painted Statement Necklace
Member Product Feature
Rainbow Lotus Geometric Zen Doodle Pendant Necklace by Zentranced on Etsy

4. Get on social media... Like right now! 

When you think about your target customer where do you think they are? Chances are most of them are hanging out on some form of social media! With the proper use of social media marketing you can catch the attention of many potential customers. Have a look at the inforgraphic below (source: to see recent stats regarding some of the most popular social media platforms...

(Source: 2014 Social Media Comparison Infographic via Leveragenewagemedia)

If you are completely new to the idea of social media marketing then I strongly suggest thoroughly researching how to market your brand through your chosen platform. Take it one step at a time... There is no need to go open every type of social media account in existence! That will just create extra work for you that in the end won't pay off.

Here are some helpful articles to get you started:
Want even more help? Back in 2012 Handmadeology released a free 5 day ecourse called Social Media Blitz 2.0. Some of the info is now slightly outdated (because social media is constantly changing) but it is still a great way to get introduced to marketing your Etsy shop through social media.

5. Get involved in the Etsy community!

On Etsy, as many of you already know, there is a very strong community! From teams, to forums there is a lot of love and sharing going around. I think it is very important to be involved in the community you sell in. It helps to spread the word about your business! 

If you opened up a brick and mortar store would you just quietly sit in your shop hoping people came in? Probably not! You would probably get involved in the community (at least a bit). You would frequent the local coffee shop and you would make friends with your neighbors! You would tell people and the community about who you are and what you do! 

So... Do the same on Etsy! Join teams, talk in the forums, favorite and share other shops! Make treasuries featuring other sellers work. If you make well curated on trend treasuries it may even get featured on the front page of Etsy (which brings a big spike in traffic even as the curator)!

6. Start Blogging 

This may not be for everyone but it can really help build awareness for you brand. If you think you would enjoy blogging about your shop and other (relevant) topics then I would consider it time well spent. Share your story, or upcoming products... Write about fashion or home decor! If you share articles that are relevant to your customers then your blog is just one more door into your shop :)... Just make sure you blog about relevant topics, and have a well seen link back to your Etsy shop (in multiple places) on your blog or else it won't help so much with increasing traffic on Etsy. 

7. YouTube

Just like social media, YouTube is huge! There are so many great ways to share your products and your shops story with a YouTube channel. You can do simple product videos using photos from your listings, you can Vlog about your shop, or you could even share tutorials (which is very popular). YouTube users watch over 6 billion hours of video each month!!! That is an insane amount of video watching! With 1 billion unique visitors monthly it is very likely someone will watch what you share...

8. Branding and Customer Service

SO... You might be asking "How does branding help bring traffic to a shop?" My answer.... How does it not?!

By properly building your shop brand that includes providing every customer with exceptional customer service you will create brand loyalty! Customers will remember your shop by name, they will come back for more, and they will tell all their friends about how amazing you are!

If you think you could improve in this area (most people can these days)... Here is a great article from the Etsy blog that talks about building customer service into your brand:

9. Off line promotion!

Just because you sell online does not mean you are limited to marketing online... How can you market off line? 
  • Carry business cards with you everywhere you go and hand them out to anyone and everyone who asks about what you "do". 
  • If you sell something you can wear... Then wear what you sell! Every time I leave my house I make sure I put on one of my accessories. When anyone complements the piece while I'm out then I hand them one of my cards (that I am always carrying!)... and if I don't have my cards on me... I then have to resist the urge to physically kick myself for missing the free marketing opportunity. 
  • Grassroots sticker campaigns!!!!! Get some business stickers with your Etsy shop address on them, then slap them around the city! If you do this I strongly encourage legal use of your stickers... Please do not put stickers on others property without their permission... If you do then you are negatively advertising your shop and the sticker will most likely just get torn down anyways.  
  • Make bumper stickers! Put one (or 10) on your car and hand them out to friends, family, and anyone else who would like to support your business. Next thing you know you are getting customers from sitting in traffic :)  
  • Post flyers and business cards on local community bulletin boards.
  • Put an ad in the paper... People still read papers right?  
This list is just a few of the many ways you can market offline... Get creative with it and have fun!

Have more ideas for offline marketing? Tell us about them in the comments!

10. Get featured!

Getting featured on the web and off is a really great way to get traffic to your shop. Bloggers are constantly looking for content to post... and if you have a shop that would make a good feature then bloggers are typically happy to hear about it. Many people wonder how you get featured in blogs and magazines and there are really only two ways to get this done...

  1. You get approached by the blogger or magazine (typically because your work is well known) or...
  2. You go out on a limb and tell bloggers and magazine editors about your shop and then you hope for the best!
Typically for Etsy sellers that are trying to get their shops noticed in the crowd #2 is the way you will get featured. Just make sure you don't spam bloggers and magazines with your shop. Be familiar with the person and/or business you are approaching. If you have never read the blog then in my opinion (and many other opinions) you should not pitch to be featured until you have familiarized yourself with the writers work!

Fabric Hair Bow in Light Blue Gingham Print (Aqua Blue)
Member Product Feature
Handmade Fabric Hair Bow In Light Blue Gingham by RockaBeautyBoutique on Etsy

So there you have it... You now have an arsenal of ways to drive traffic to your Etsy Shop! I hope you all found this post helpful. Have you tried any of these ideas out? How did they work for you? Have any other great traffic boosting ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by... Have an awesome day!

About the Author - RockaBeauty Mama (OBSD Team Leader)
TJ, aka RockaBeauty Mama, is an Etsy seller who has spent years learning the ins and outs of running a creative small business. When she became a stay at home mom, back in 2011, she began doing regular research on and off of Etsy whenever she found the time. She loves sharing what she has learned with other Etsy sellers who want to better their shops. In early 2014 she opened her own Etsy shop, RockaBeauty Boutique, where she sells her handmade retro inspired and alternative style accessories.

Want to see your items featured in our Etsy Tips and Advice articles? As a member of the OBSD team you can submit your products in our team thread to have them featured in our blog posts!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

PeaceFul Beachtime Gift ideas Curated by KitKatCabaret

'One Big Sale Day Team' PeaceFul Beachtime Gift ideas

Curated by KitKatCabaret
team treasury, please Enjoy your shopping
Upcycled Hair Pins - Green Fan and Gold Maple Leaf - (Set of 4) Embellished Bobby Pins
Original pencil drawing of train in Tulsa , OK.(print w/ Frame)
Candle cover // illustrated on paper with seahorse, coral and seastars // home decoration // birthday or wedding decoration // luminary
ORANGE CAT BAG Orange head canvas medium sized jute twine drawstring pouch, natural color muslin drawstring bag, gift for cat lovers, tabby
Vintage Jonette Jewelry Cat Brooch
Walnut Cutting Board - Teardrop Medium
iPhone Earphone Plug Peachpuff Daisy Dust Plug - Cellphone Handmade Accessories - Smart phone, iPhone 5 4 4s ,iPad ,Samsung galaxy s2 s3
Tarot 3 Card Reading by Email
Old Vintage Chinese HAND-PAINTED PORCELAIN Jewelry Trinket Box and Lid with Gold-leaf trim
Bookmark, Place Holder, Black Tassel, Corner Bookmark, Falling Keys, Gold Lace, Victorian, Steampunk, by MrsKristenCreations on Etsy
Beach Decor, Shabby Chic Beach, Sea Shell Decor, Sea Decor, Bungalow Decor, Seaside Decor, End Table Decor, Beach Home Decor, Sea Shell Art
Nautical Beach Night Light Lamp Beach House Decor Beach Decor Nautical Decor Gift Starfish Seashells Fish Net Sand
Mermaid Charm, Knotted, Leather Baby Blue Charm Bracelet
Botanical themed gift/favor tags-set of 6
Rustic Photo Frame, Distressed Frame, Wooden Picture Frame, Grey 8x10 Photo Frame Shabby chic frame, Wedding frame, Beach decor
DOGGY DIVINE Rover Relief Spray for Itching, Odors and Anxiety

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

VintageMagpieNest - Handcrafted Vintage Jewelry

VintageMagpieNest jewelry is the embodiment of old world charm and new world creativity. My artistic sensibilities are influenced by an eclectic mix of wildlife, found objects, natural stones and earthy metallics.

German etched vintage cabochon earrings, lever back earrings, vintage style earrings, dangle earrings, spring colours, handmade jewellery

What brought you to Etsy?

My daughter mentioned this cool online site that sells handcrafted items from around the world called We sat down together and got my shop all set up, now I'm an Etsy addict! Joined in November 2013.

Feather necklace, key necklace, crystal necklace, vintage style jewelry, long necklace, antique bronze, handmade jewellery, unique

What is your favourite item from your shop?

Hmmm, I have a few favourites. I love my vintage upcycled jewelry. The thrill of finding something old that's been hidden away in a drawer and being able to change it into something wearable and unique for today is so much fun. Most of my jewelry is nature/animal themed simply because I love animals. Here's an example of one of my favourites:

Mountain goat necklace vintage medal upcycled handmade necklace brass and antique bronze nature inspired puffy heart Swarovski crystals

Do you have any big plans for your shop?

The plans I have for my shop are to improve my photographs and get some more items listed. Selling on Etsy is all about the photographs...first impressions...hopefully my sales will go up with this improvement.

Vintage medal, rowing medal, 1936, medal necklace, antique silver medal, sports medal,vintage style,handmade,Swarovski crystal,blue,upcycled

You can connect with VintageMagpieNest on Social Media:

Monday, 21 July 2014

Jonathans House - Handmade Food Jewelry and Miniatures

Member Feature: Etsy shop JonathansHouse

What brought you to Etsy?

I was inspired by other people I saw on YouTube introducing me to their online shop, I see Etsy was a common shop people own so I visited. I was so overwhelmed with handmade items on this website, given my passion is to create my own products and share it with the world, I gave it a shot.

What inspires you?

Real foods I see, smell, feel, taste, whichever invokes my feelings to, I will go and turn them into my miniature foods. I also search for inspirational pictures online and try to make my own design out of it. Customers also gave me suggestions sometimes, which keeps me going even further!

What is your favorite item from your shop?

My favorite item from my shop is probably my Ice Cream Sandwich charms. They were inspired by my local style snacks, flavored ice cream bars sandwiched in between green-pink swirled bread, made from pandan leaves. Taste amazing and best for hot days (which is everyday!)

Ice Cream Sandwich Charm Miniature Food Jewelry Mini Food Fake Food Jewelry Foodie Gift

What has been your best experience on Etsy?

My best experience on Etsy is probably my first ever sale. I was new to things; customer interactions, shipping and handling, packaging and stuff. I was very nervous yet excited, like butterflies in your stomach. I didn't know where to label my return address, so I wrote it under the shipping address, which was very pathetic I find it after so long! Nevertheless, I've gotten my first ever 5 star review and can never forget that moment.

Miniature Bread Buns - Miniature Food Dollhouse Bread Miniature Breakfast Bakery 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Food

Do you have any big plans for your shop?

I'm really low on sales lately, and my items are a little out of trend. I'm coming up with tonnes of foods to create, different jewelries when my local craftstore restock the clay (Im out of clay right now, it sucks!). Hope to furnish my shop and get it to greater heights!
My future plans for the shop is to create, create and create more new fun stuff with my own creative flair, bringing out the uniqueness of my items that no other shops have!