Monday, 25 August 2014

KitKatCabaret - Vintage Costumes and Clothing

Greetings My name or nickname is Bunny. my Etsy shop is KitKatCabaret My home port is Galveston, Texas. My shop has lovely vintage 40s 50s 60s 70s costumes, vintage dresses, vintage mens suits, clothing, some really divine shoes, accessories.

50s Dress Vintage Black Velvet Mid Century Two Piece Suit Full Skirt by Kabro of Houston 50s Era by KitKatCabaret on Etsy

What brought you to Etsy?
My sis had an interest in Etsy, and I wondered if my pirate art, steampunk, tropical artwork would do welI here, as well as my many collections of vintage clothing and theater props

1960s Hawaii Hi Lo Hattie Tropical print Deadstock dress size M by KitKatCabaret on Etsy

What inspires you?
my family first, nature second, my rescue pets. Peace and contentment from sketching at the oceans shores

Rare 1960s 60s Helen Bond designer silver Metallic Cocktail party dress M L by KitKatCabaret on Etsy

What has been your best experience on Etsy?
My experience with Etsy has been all the kindness and consideration from the many teams I have joined. Also purchasing the vintage fashions I collect and fashion books here on Etsy.

Vintage early 90s Boss Mechanics Dark Blue cotton lined Jacket Mens Size XL by KitKatCabaret on Etsy

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