Thursday, 16 April 2015

Write Etsy Descriptions in 5 Easy Steps, including Titles and Tags (Part 3)

From Part 2: Here

Step 4: Creating your key-phrase rich first paragraph

Next copy all your tags and paste it into your description box. You will get a jumble of phrases. Carefully and without breaking up the exact phrase from the tags, string them into sentences. Always begin with the most important key-phrase. Below are the 13 tags I have. 

Here are my tags - 
Hand printed fabric, rust red pattern, toilet paper holder, toilet organizer, tie up toilet roll, extra toilet roll, natural cotton, toilet roll holder, bathroom storage, bathroom organizer, spare toilet roll, cotton fabric sling, gift for mom
Here is what I wrote -

This is a  toilet paper holder or toilet roll holder made of hand printed fabric with rust red pattern. It makes a handy cotton fabric sling to tie up toilet rollextra toilet roll or spare toilet roll . Made and lined with natural cotton it is an excellent toilet organizerbathroom organizer or bathroom storage. It will also make a great gift for mom.
I did manage to get all the 13 keywords into my paragraph. Sometimes it becomes hard when there are too many key-phrases that means the same thing. You could go back and tweak some of your tags so that there are not too many similar ones, but if you do that remember to tweak your titles too.

Step 5 : Completing the rest of your description

Now the last step is to complete the rest of your description! Remember you have sections made up in Step: 1? All you have to do now is fill in the rest of your sections. Once you got your first description all written out, use the 'copy' function when creating a new listing. This way you will have the format ready for you when you start working on your next listing.

However, because some of your items might be very different from each other, some parts of your format will have a different function or contain different information. To avoid accidentally removing some of these sections, always have a back up or a sketch of your original format kept safe somewhere.

And you are set to go!

Here is a recap on all the 5 steps -
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Step 1: Cut it up to smaller sections

Part 2 (HERE)
Step 2: Fill in your titles with key-phrases
Step 3: Create your tags by copying and pasting your title into the tag box

and Part 3 is in this post
Step 4: Creating your key-phrase rich first paragraph
Step 5 : Completing the rest of your description

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  1. Great tips! I have to go through all of our descriptions and titles and start including more keywords. I didn't realize what an effect this could have. Thanks so much!