Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Write Etsy Descriptions in 5 Easy Steps, including Titles and Tags (Part 2)

From Part 1 - (Here)

Step 2: Fill in your titles with key-phrases 

Yes! Gone were the days when fancy spaced out titles could get you sales. With the high competition and number of listings on Etsy, being found is of paramount importance! So, first fill in your title with as much key-phrases as possible but in a way that makes sense when read by humans. Always start your title with the key-phrases you want to be found when someone searches it.

So here is an example of an item I sold previously -

Here is what I wrote for the title -
Extra toilet roll holder Hand printed fabric natural cotton fabric rust red pattern toilet paper holder toilet organizer tie up toilet roll
(importance placed on the first 3 words)
I've left out the commas too, so that I could maximise the number of letters and pack it full of keywords since I want this item to come up on first page of search. But since we are not discussing SEO in this article, go ahead and make it sound better whilst still incorporating as many key-phrases as you can.

Step 3: Create your tags by copying and pasting your title into the tag box

Next step is to create your tags. Copy your entire title and paste it into the tag box. Read through and then separate it with commas where necessary. Some phrases will be longer than 20 characters and they won' be converted to tags. Example - 

You can break up those phrases that were not converted to 2 or more tags. Example - 'Natural cotton fabric' could be converted to i) natural cotton  ii) cotton fabric iii) natural fabric

Continue breaking up those larger phrases until you have all 13 tags. If you can make more, always give priority to those which are more relevant or makes most sense.

Part 3 - (HERE)

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