Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#20daysuntilspring2015 March Challenge Winners!

In March we started the month with a count down challenge to spring - #20daysuntilspring2015 read more HERE.

The entries saw many awesome photos that gave us a peak into our members life and behind the scenes photos of their everyday lives. It included workspace areas, photos of their pets, photos of themselves in 'action' on a workday and what spring meant to them.

3 members were able to complete all 20 days - Bravo!

They are -
Cartocreative -

Titika Shop -

Crystals Little Shop -

Here are the instagram accounts of the other members who participated -

RockaBeautyBoutique -
The Vintage Magpie -
Oatsbags -

Congratulations everyone!


  1. March was a fun challenge, thank you to everyone who participated and keep on posting those instagram pics!

  2. It was fun! Such beautiful photos from everyone. :) Welcome Spring!