Sunday, 15 February 2015

Counting Down to Spring - Team Instagram Challenge

To kick off our team's Instagram account, we will be having a challenge that will run for 20 days and counts down to spring! Members - Follow us and we will follow back! Share HERE

Here's why you should participate -
1) It gives you 20 days of planned content ideas!

2) Get a chance to have your photo reposted by teams Instagram account reaching more people. All reposted photos will also be posted on teams FB and Twitter!

3) All posted photos will earn you Participation Points (Read more about PP)

4) The person(s) who is able to complete all 20 days will have a special feature on team's blog about their Instagram account, which hopefully will drive some traffic over!

Here is how to participate -
1) This challenge is open to members of One Big Sale Day team on Etsy, if you have an Etsy shop join us to participate.

2) Get an Instagram account if you haven't got one, it's free and helps you build your online presence -

3) Post up to 3 pictures a day but they MUST be based on the theme of the day.

4) You MUST tag your pictures with -

  1. Challenge hashtag #20daysuntilspring2015  
  2. Suggested hashtags 
  3. Team tag/handle @OneBigSaleDay

Charlotte Typography Map by CartoCreative

Themes - 

Sunday 1st: Post your favourite item from your shop. Tag: #imadethis #handmaderevolution

Monday 2nd : Inspirational Monday, post some kind of inspirational quote or picture to chase the Monday blues away. Tag: #thinkpositive #goodmood

Tuesday 3rd: Tools of the trade, post pictures of tools used in your craft. Tag:  #makergear #toolsofthetrade

Wednesday 4th: Spring is in the Air. Post picture of spring around your home. Tag: #springisintheair #springtime #goawaysnow

Thursday 5th: Throw Back Thursday- Selfie. Post old photo of yourself. Tag: #tbt #selfie

Friday 6th: TGIF. Post pic of why you're glad it's Friday. Tag: #tgif #photooftheday

Saturday 7th: Saturday Stroll. Post picture about your walk. Tag: #walkingshoes #outandabout

Sunday 8th: Relaxing Day. Post picture of what relaxation means to you. Tag: #RandR #justchilling

Monday 9th: Pets. Post picture of your pets (or their favourite pet if they don't have one). #shoppets #instapets

Tuesday 10th: Product/shop integration. Post picture of you working or related activity eg. mailing package at post office. Tag: #workday #shopetsy

Wednesday 11th: Backyard Snapshot. Members post picture of their backyard or what they look out to from their home. Tag #mybackyard #livelocal

Thursday 12th: Throwback Thursday. Post your very first sale on Etsy, or how you will feel when you get your first sale. Tag: #tbt #firstsale

Friday 13th: Friday the 13th, post something related to the 13th. Tag: #friday13th #superstition #blackcats

Saturday 14th: Working Space. Show us a picture of your office/working space. Tag: #whereicreate #workplace

Sunday 15th: Spring Forward. Post pictures that there's a sign of spring...rabbits, Easter, flowers, spring colours etc. Tag: #5moredays #signsofspring

Monday 16th: Monday Funday. Post another inspiration picture/quote. Tag: #mondayfunday #mondaymotivation

Tuesday 17th: Real Life. Post a picture of your daily life (kids, sports, workplace) NOT etsy shop related. Tag: #reallife #dailylife

Wednesday 18th: Wednesday Wisdom Quote. Post picture or quote with some wisdom or words of advice. Tag: #stopandsmelltheroses #wednesdaywisdom

Thursday 19th: Spring Throwback Thursday. Post old picture related to spring. Tag: #tbt #lastspring

Friday 20th: Spring To Me Is... Post picture of what spring means to you. Tag: #springtrends #springtime


  1. Yay team! Super excited to get this Instagram account going!

  2. Great idea! Looking forward to getting some diversity on my Instagram with these themes. I'm really excited to take part! You can find us @CartoCreative or

  3. Thanks for doing this, it's a great idea!

  4. My instagram account:

  5. I've gotten some great ideas already on what I'll post each day from this list! Thanks!

  6. Hey team, don't forget to post your pics to instagram. It's a great way for us to get to know each other, provide shop exposure and it's FUN!