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Merchandising - Keeping your shop fresh throughout the year (Part 1)

Now that the busy shopping season is over, keeping your shop updated and relevant throughout the year can help with consistent views and sales. Merchandising is a way retail business keeps their shops looking fresh and enticing to shoppers year round.

In a traditional brick and mortar shop it would mean that 'window dressing' and placement of products are the key activities in merchadising. Seasonal decorations are changed regularly to fit the current time of the year, while newer in-fashion items replace the older ones on the shelves.

How about for an online shop?

Here is what Etsy defines thier own merchandising as -

What is Merchandising?
Merchandising is a function that promotes the sales of products on Etsy through strategic placement and display. Our primary concerns are shopping experiences, brand marketing and inventory expertise.

And here is what Etsy advices about merchandising as a team -

What to strive for -
  • Think about what you want to inspire in your viewers, what you would you want them to say about your collection, or tell others?  
  • What do you want them to feel when they look at your group?  
  • What is important for them to understand or know about you? 
  • Looking at your shops collectively as inventory, spot your best selling items and the most engaging photos.  

Funny Valentine's Day Card by dearmonday

When can we merchandise for in 2015?

1st January 2015 - New Years Day
14th Febuary 2015 - Valentine's Day
19th February 2015 - Chinese New Year (Year of the Sheep)
15th March 2015 - Mother's Day (UK)
17th March 2015 - St. Patrick's Day
3rd to 6th April 2015 - Easter
10th May 2015 - Mother's Day (US, Canada, UK, Most of Europe)
21st June 2015 - Father's Day (US, Canada, UK, Other countries - Father's Day Dates)
August - Back to School
6th September 2015 - Father's Day (Australia, NZ)
3rd October 2015 - Team's Sale Day
31st October 2015 - Halloween
27th November 2015 - Black Friday
30th November 2015 - Cyber Monday
25th December 2015 - Christmas

* above dates are based on main international markets on Etsy

When should we start merchandising for this holidays?
Here is what Etsy advices -

On Etsy, the more ready you are, the more we can promote you to these industry professionals who come here looking for products and stories to go along with them.   

For example, by August your shop should be ready for the bulk of holiday hunting. This will give your shop an advantage especially for team OBSD team leaders, bloggers or even Etsy to choose items from your shop to be featured in their holiday posts.

(This article contain's excerpts from the materials provided to the team from the Q4 Fellowship programme organized by Etsy and are used with permission)

Part 2 - Putting it in Practice

About the Author - Yini (OBSD Team Captain)
Yini runs a small handmade home decor shop on Etsy, Kotona. In May 2014 she started the One Big Sale Day team, to harness the power of togetherness amongst team members and help each other promote their shops.

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